Roy Hargrove joined Mike Stern on stage Sunday evening in
Cafe Magazine.
Hargrove was busy all weekend turning his fans on to lots of special treats - perhaps making-up for missing the fest in 2004?
This time around, he was on stage every night of the four day event.
Roy Hargrove and Mike Stern

14 Years Aalener
As Miles Davis performed his last
gig in Aalen i
n 1991, music promoter Ingo Hug must have realized that he wasn't the only one in the Ostalbkreis who.appreciated world-class jazz music.
And so the expertiment began.
Was it possible to sustain an annual jazz festival out here in the provence; a festival that could draw the interest of the fans each year and the stars as well?
Well, 14 years and countless international jazz and R&B
stars later, the answer is a resounding "yes!"
Our annual Aalener Jazzfest
has become an unparalleled established tradition here in the Ostalbkreis.
Since 1991, American R&B and Jazz stars, the likes of B.B King, Buddy Guy, Al Jareau, Van Morrison, Marianne Faithful;
not to mention jazzfest regulars,
Grammy Award winner Roy Hargrove,
Hiram "Mr. Jazzfest" Bullock, and New York City's Mike Stern have criss-crossed the stages in this town from Cafe Magazine and the Stadthalle, all the way to the
Ramada- Treff Hotel and everything in between.

Not only that, a local jazz music scene has taken root in the image of the "Dannenmann Hausband" as well.
"The Hausband" as they're in these parts famously known, evolved from starting out as the house band for Cafe Dannenmann, a small cafe in the center of the Altstadt, to becoming the definitive symbol of local Ostalb Jazz.
Aside from fullfilling their annual duty, performing in Cafe Dannenmann on "Jazz in Town" Thursdays, the "Hausband" for the first time this year also played a set at the Ramada Treff Hotel
The Aalener Jazzfest will undoubtably continue to be a feature highlight in this town's yearly schedule for years to come!


Rebekka Bakken

Norway's Rebekka Bakken and Band opened this year's festival, performing in front of a sold-out crowd Thursday evening during "Jazz in Town" at Firma Mapal.
Roy Hargrove joined in as special guest during the encore.
Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun of "Living Color" and "Junglefunk" fame, turned a surprisingly small crowd at the Alte Rathaus Stadt Theater Bühne on to a high dose of electro drum-and-bass computer funk. For those who missed it: it was like being in front of the Pope. Where else in the world can you get a virtual private audience with guys like these? I'm talking Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame material here...
Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun
Special Reportage by Peter Schlipf